Black Tourmaline and Iolite diffuser bracelet

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Black Tourmaline and Iolite diffuser bracelet

Lava rock is a stone of strength and courage.

Apply a few drops of your favourite high quality essential oil onto the porous lava stone beads and wear to enjoy the diffusing benefits!

Black Tourmaline 

  • Cleanses and purifies negative energies to a lighter vibration
  • Aids in the removal of unfavourable energies within a person or space
  • Can help to remove fear and boost self-confidence


    • Absorbs negativity
    • Protective and grounding
    • Uplifts negative energies and situations
    • Releases self-imposed limitations
    • Strengthens self-confidence


    • Stimulates the imagination
    • Releases stress and calms emotions
    • Activates the third-eye and intuition


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